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Just a little background...

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

In spite of the fact that I spent a career writing and teaching others to write, I have always resisted the blogging world - until recently… I finally realized that a blog is an excellent way to capture thoughts and share ideas with others. No one makes someone else read a blog - we read what interests us.

When I sat down and made a list of the ideas I needed to record for myself, the list kept getting longer. Well, since I’m not getting any younger…here goes…

Most asked question: Where do you get ideas for your jewelry?

When I first started making jewelry for myself, I immediately attended every class or workshop available locally at my favorite bead shop (now closed), Gone with the Bead. I learned basic stringing, wire work, metal work, polymer clay techniques, Kumihimo, seed bead stitches - the list was endless. These explorations allowed me to see the infinite possibilities for jewelry design and come to understand the ones that interested me most.

Like anyone else, I googled myself crazy (and continue to do so) to scour the web for good ideas and instruction. I discovered, for the most part, that the jewelry making world is incredibly generous with ideas and design inspiration. I often use the work of others as a jumping off point, or I simply purchase the rights to a pattern I love.

After several years, I have begun to see inspiration everywhere, and I try to capture ideas in a quick sketch or on a list of ideas. My sketches and lists are where I go to begin new projects - often starting 2-3 (or more) at the time. You just can’t have too many ideas or projects!

So, that’s where I am with the question of inspiration. Just today, I designed a bracelet pattern based on an outfit Harry Styles wore on the Grammy red carpet. Who knew??

BeadTool software has opened up a whole new world for me in designing hand beaded jewelry. I can play with designs, colors, styles, and print out a layout or bead chart to follow...

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Feb 09, 2023

I'm so glad you are sharing your story. Everyone is creative in some way and we can all benefit from the story of someone who has run with the 'right side of her brain'!!! Doing something with that creativity feeds the soul.

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