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Recording the process and the journey with multi-strand necklaces...

Necklace styles come and go in the world of trends, as I have written about in a previous blog post. I confess to liking all styles - both making and wearing them. I choose styles based on the outfit I'm wearing and the event or task I might be attending to at any given time.

From the very start of my jewelry-making journey, I was drawn to multi-strand necklaces - several strands of coordinating beads, chain, and focal beads that are attached together permanently. These are different from the current trend of "layering" coordinating necklaces that vary in length and can be combined in different ways.

Layering necklaces comes with some challenges - necklaces tangle and twist as the day goes on (unless they are attached to special adaptors to prevent this). The wearer must select how to put the combination of layers together, and the layers need to be adjustable to allow for different looks. Sizes of charms and pendant have to balance. So many decisions...

Multi-strand necklaces remove the guess work - they come ready to wear and coordinated. Easy to wear and a lot of fun to coordinate. The "looks" and combinations are endless - from boho t0 formal - in any color palette. I always think of beads as paint when I start putting them together.

I have created so many different looks in multi-strand necklaces and wanted to record a range of them here, from earlier to now. I do think the looks are pretty timeless depending on the occasion and your outfit.

With the exception of the newest piece pictured last, these have all sold. However, if you want something similar, I can work with you on a custom piece!

Starting with a large pendant or charm at the base, I worked my way up with this one, adding smaller coin charms, coordinating chain, and hand-wired's a ready-to-wear piece that reflects the current layering trend in a bolder choice.

Another early one with wooden beads in varying sizes and smooth jasper rectangles. More of a statement than one strand only. (Quality of photo is not great, but you get the idea.)

For a special occasion, I mixed etched glass beads with large pearls to create a "tangle" of blingy fun.

The latest! I found these incredible irregular glass seed beads that ranged from transparent to opaque and paired them with an interesting blue and white porcelain pendant and coordinating round beads. You will not have to fear running into anyone else with this one!

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