• Patti McWhorter

And so the blogging (that I said I would never do) begins...

So, I'm not dead yet...

If you have looked at my site under the "About" tab, you have seen that my attitude is pretty positive as I start this new adventure. I really enjoy jewelry designing and learning about different mediums and techniques. Most of all, I like mixing elements from one technique with another and breaking the design rules (whatever those are).

Right now, my focus is on the jewelry, but I'm prepared for my interests to veer in another direction on any given day. Hence, the name of my business: Ginkgo Creations - a nod to my previous business back in the 1980s - The Ginkgo Tree. Thanks to my talented son, Seth, for his gift of a logo and a nudge in the ginkgo direction. (I was going to call it "I'm not dead yet...")

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